The True Church

What is the Church? Is church merely a building made be men? Let us take a look at Gods’ word to find out.

1). Biblical definition:  It’s a collectivity of all those who are saved; Through Baptism, make up the Church. Here are some other terms:

  • The body of Christ—Romans 12: 4,5 / 1 Corinthians 11: 27 / Colossians 1: 18,24
  • The Kingdom of God—Mark 10: 14
  • The Temple of God—1 Corinthians 3: 16, 17
  • Household of God—1 Timothy 3: 14, 15
  • The Church—The body of Baptized believers.

“Kingdom” and “Church” are synonymous terms for “The Body of Christ”.

2). Greek word meaning: [ekklesia]; “The Called Out” (Matthew 16:18 / Ephesians 5:23-25). Also the word “Church” originally meant an assembly called out by the magistrate, or by legitimate authority. It was in this last sense that the word was adopted and applied by the writers of the New Testament to the Christian congregation. In the Gospel of Matthew, the church is spoken of no less than thirty-six times as “The Kingdom.” Other descriptions or titles are hardly found in the evangelists. It’s Christ’s household (Matthew 10:25).

There are several queries about the True Nature of the Church. Many people view it as a man-made building and others believe that one doesn’t have to be part of an organized religious body to enter heaven. Furthermore; some believe you don’t have to be part of the church in order to be saved. The church is a Spiritual house built by Christ and not by men. (Ephesians 3: 18, 19)

Although church organization varies from denomination to denomination, which there was no such during the reign of Christ, the pattern and purpose of the NT still remains our guide for churches as they pursue their mission in the world (Romans 1:16). Those that heard Paul preached the Gospel in Jerusalem, after receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit, about three thousand souls was baptized (Acts 2: 41) and the Lord added day by day those that were saved. (Acts 2:47).

Church (visible), Summary: The passages under this head (1 Corinthians 10:321 Timothy 3:15) refer to that visible body of professed believers called, collectively, “the Church,” of which history takes account as such, though it exists under many names and divisions based upon differences in doctrine or in government. Within, for the most part, this historical “Church” has existed the true Church, “which is his body, the fulness of him that filleth all in all (Ephesians 1:22, 23).

Christ is the head of the church, the chief Conner Stone (Ephesians 2:20 / 1 Peter 2:6, 7); it was purchased by Christ’s blood on Calvary (Ephesians 1:20) and established by God through His son. Therefore; if anyone wants to become part of the Lords Church and have the hope of “Eternal Life” you must give your life to Christ Jesus by being baptized By: Immersion.

The usage in those books that report on the life and ministry of Jesus is best explained, by the fact, that the church as the Body of Christ and was not establishment until the day of “Pentecost” after the Ascension of Jesus (Acts 1: 1-4).

The New Testament Church

Here, Peter presents Jesus as the interlocking cornerstone that holds the whole building together. Therefore, Jesus is both the Foundation and the Founder of the church. Here is where this becomes very practical. If anyone other than Jesus Christ is the foundation of the religious movement of which you are a part, then that is not the church about which you read in the New Testament. It is not the church that Jesus will one day deliver to the Father. And it is not the church, the members of which have their names registered in Heaven (1 Cor. 15:24; Heb. 12:23).

If you really want to have a better understanding about this topic, then here are some study guides in PDF format that will help you in searching for the truth.

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