God’s House Has a Pattern

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The goal; of these two lessons, is to help people and, teach us the proper Conduct in God’s House.

God’s House By; Jack Dodgen

The Decisions that we make will determine our destiny.

The Choices We Make By; Jay Lockhart


…choose for yourselves this day
whom you will serve…Joshua 24:15

Overview of the Church of Christ.

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This article is an overview about “The Church of Christ”
By; Allan McNabb of the “South Livingston congregation”

This article is a brief overview of the Church of Christ. Brother Allan McNadd has tried to include several of the first principles with respect to the church and thus the basic qualities of the church which distinguish it from other religions and from denominations.

  • The Church was Built by Jesus.
  • The Church is Subject to Jesus.
  • The Church is the Household of God.
  • Doctrine of the Church.
  • Names Ascribed to the Church.
  • The Church Worships in Spirit and Truth.

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