No one knows precisely when Jesus was born. Even His year of birth is only an educated guess based on the information available. The intention of the medieval creators of our calendar was to set the date of Jesus’ birth at A.D. 1.

They simply miscalculated. The Jewish historian Josephus places the death of Herod the Great in 4 B.C., and both Matthew (Matt. 2: 1) and Luke (Luke 1: 5) presume that Herod was king at the time of Jesus’ birth. But it is not clear how much before Herod’s death Jesus was born.

A date of about 5 B.C. could fit with Luke’s note that Augustus, who reigned from 27 B.C. to A.D. 14, was the Roman emperor when Jesus was born (Luke 2: 1). Luke’s mention of Quirinius (Luke 2: 2), however, it creates a problem.

It really doesn’t matter the Lord has not told us to celebrate the birth of Jesus rather we celebrate the crucifixion the death of Jesus we don’t do that once a year, we do it every week on the first day of the week (Sundays) we remember, and celebrate that sacrifice that was made so that we can have the hope of Eternal Life but there are some clues in the Bible.

All though we cannot know the exact date, when Christ was born, we can have a good indication according to the birth of John the Baptist. Jesus Christ is six months younger than John. The account of the John’s birth can be found in (Luke 1: 5-26).

If you start at the first month of the Hebrew calendar which is Nissan that corresponds almost exactly to our month of March he would be serving right about Early May (see Luke 1: 23) says it came to pass to watch as carefully as soon as the days of his administration work accomplished he departed to his house and after those days Elizabeth can see so he went and he served in early May.

When his time was up he went back home his wife became pregnant.  Now follow this of course the priest begins in the month of March the eighth course which is the ninth week put Zachariah serving in May.

Soon as he gets done he goes home to his wife she conceives and she is carrying John the Baptist our Lord is conceive six months later which would put his conception about the month of November then Mary carries the Christ child for nine months which would have him being born sometime around August.

Some have even tried to specify Jesus’ birth date by appeal to astronomical phenomena that might explain the star of Bethlehem (Matt. 2: 2, 7, 9, 10). Halley’s comet appeared in 12 or 11 B.C. and another comet in 5 B.C.

But in antiquity comets were thought to forecast evil, not blessed, events. In 7 B.C. rare (once every 794 years) conjunction of the planets Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn occurred in the constellation Pisces.

Whether Matthew’s star was any of these is pure speculation. For ancient people the star confirmed again that Jesus was the Messiah who fulfilled Balaam’s star prophecy (Num. 24: 17).

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If God wanted us to know when Jesus was born, He would have told us through His teachings, in the New Testament.