In this days and time, there are so many different denominations and understanding of Gods’ word that people have changed it to fit into their life style. The understanding that we all must have is that there is only one Church and that is the one that was established in the 1st century on the day of Pentecost.

As it is written, that there is only one God so there should be but only one denomination & I can’t find any where in Gods’ word that it talks about having any kind of Denomination’s. I believe that this did not start until after or during the 1st Century. And seeing how that we have so many, it only means that many are not believing in the true and living God that has given us the example to go by in ever since. For the word of God is our Blue Print to help “All” mankind out to live the life that He wants us to live.

E =Earth

Yes; He has giving us the freedom to choose how to live out our lives, what we want to do and when, and how we want to worship Him but if we choose to take His word out of contexts than we are living a lie as well as calling Him one and believe not the truth. (Rev.22: 18,19) I will be working on some topic in different areas as much as I can. I also know that I will get many up set but I will only be telling the truth from Gods word.


1). If you are having a building built, you will need to have a blue print to go by just as Noah did when God gave him instructions on how to build the ark Gen. 6: 13 ff.

2). God gave a pattern in Ex. 25:9 of the details of how the Ark of the Covenant is to be made and again in chapters 35-40.

3). When Christ Jesus was Baptized He was immerse, So shall we in the same matter and then “HE” will add us to “HIS Church” for which is the Body of Christ.

4) Gen.1-3 God made Women from Man. She is to be his “Help Mate” and to teach their children of Gods’ way of living and to become heir’s of Gods’ family. He did “Not Say”, we are to have the same Sex Marriage nor for the Women to be over HIS Church, the husband are become a Pulpit Minister.

Doctrine of Christ